About Cheerleading

Cheerleading is a challenging, sometimes complex, and always rewarding sport! There's no replacement for getting out on the mat and giving it a go, but below you'll find a bit of information about the different components of what goes into our routines.


Tumbling is the athletic component of cheerleading - think along the lines of gymnastics to get an idea. Tumbling involves moves such as handstands, cartwheels, and roundoffs, as well as more advanced skills building on these foundations.

With UoN Cheer, you'll learn everything you need to compete at a 'Level 2' skillset, complete with qualified coaches to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment. We also provide pathways to progress your abilities further if you're a natural!


Stunting is the classic component of cheerleading, where athletes form 'stunt groups', usually comprising of a flyer (the one in the air), a main base and side base, a back spot, and (sometimes) a front spot, to perform stunts and aerial manoeuvres. Each position is as important as each other, and stunt groups must work together to hit stunts not only in their group, but alongside all of the other groups on the team!

UoN Cheer emphasises safety above all else in our training and competitions, and our qualified coaches will teach you everything you need to know to participate in stunting. We'll learn the basics of positioning, getting the flyer safely up in the air, and techniques to improve your abilities, before we move onto more advanced skills!

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